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Sometimes you want to
party like there’s a tomorrow.


100% craft. 0.0% regrets.

Our goal wasn’t just to create a delicious NA beer. We set our sights on raising the bar of NA altogether. Hairless Dog is the result of our relentless pursuit to craft a true non-alcoholic beer that sacrifices the hard stuff without sacrificing the taste.


The world of high ABV IPAs has given beer lovers a hangover. So we crafted a smooth, hoppy flavor you can savor—and keep on savoring.

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Outstanding! Hands down the best NA IPA I’ve had to date.
— Brian H.

drinking hairless dog may cause remembering.


Moments made to remember pair well with Hairless Dog. So enjoy life with 0.0% regrets. As you do, please share your story. And follow us as we continue to craft ours. #DrinkHairlessDog