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Craft NA like you've never had. Sit. Drink. Good dog.


Hairless Dog Brewing was born from the fruitless search for a decent NA beer. We love the taste and soul of great, craft beer, but every NA option was watery, bitter and terrible. Plus, we felt like freaks buying it; we’d walk around with our life story in our hand in exchange for a disappointing experience and sideways looks.

We don’t know about you, but that’s not our idea of a good time. So we decided to save the flavors and beer-drinking vibe we love from the bitter, watery grave of NA suck. That’s when we knew we had a hairless dog to rescue.

See, a hairless dog might seem a little weird at first. It’s different. Hard for the casual canine to understand. But under that hairless body beats the heart of a loyal, happy, built-to-please pure bred love machine. It loves you no matter what. You can’t make mistake with a hairless dog. You know who doesn’t judge you? A hairless dog, that’s who. YOUR dog.

Hairless Dog Brewing makes NA beers that we can be proud to drink because of what they are, instead of what they’re not. Hairless Dog is the world’s first true zero-percent alcohol beer on the market.

Good doggie.


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